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About us

Created by Oliver Allen in 2020, Ignite Drive was developed out of a desire to push the boundaries of what marketing & sales can offer together. To ignite individuals and companies on a path where they can solely focus on what gives them purpose. 

“I grew up in Northampton, which though isn’t bad, it lacked the inspiration I needed to go beyond what I knew was possible. I’m now location in dependant and support any that contact me in the most strategically organised manner possible

You can lean on me to help ensure your business succeeds.”

Meaningful Impact

By exploring the world, Ignite Drive realises there is more to our work than delivering to a set of requirements. Impacting our clients and connections’ sphere of influence so there is meaningful change is like breathing.

Evolving clients

  • Challenging what’s really happening and stimulating change.
  • Holding responsibility for creatively solving problems. 
  • Making lasting impact which pushes our passions.

Enhancing individuals

  • Transforming the individuals within organisations so they can further benefit beyond our assistance. 
  • Always innovating with new projects and clients to inspire one another. 
  • Nurturing professional growth to support one another.

Expanding Communities

  • Projects beyond what our clients want to further our potential. 
  • Offering time, skills and energy to causes that live in our hearts. 
  • Drawing from a diverse collective calling upon a variety of views and undertakings.


What our clients say about us

The Ignite Drive Difference

It doesn’t take a genius to realise why our clients set us apart from our competitors. Though we may be small, our ethos, approach and personalised client approach set our results apart from the rest.

Centered on your purpose

At our fingertips, we have built the steps and process to get 100% out of our partnership. By harnessing digital, humanly-centric and purpose-driven strategies we ensure an impact that lasts. 

Assured to accomplish

Talk to our clients. We focus on relationships rather than business-orientated partnerships. Engaged by our clients problems and excited about the possibilities to achieve the results. 

Advancing your originality

By default we are entrepreneurial. Innovating is naturally part of us, as seen in our projects. The same applies to our work – see the challenged with unbias eyes to attain the optimal solution.

Igniting creativity

Sparking a change that grounds our unique approach. Our clients invoke our creative side to push change in a positive direction.

“I was particularly impressed by Ignite Drives clear communication in each query I had, what the next step would be and when we would be in touch.”

Hana Ross


Our Values

We are a team all working as one who are aligned on our universal values.

“If you want someone forward-looking and service oriented, talk to Ignite Drive. As a client, it is delightful to work with them as they are always anticipating our needs…”

Dafne Salazar


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