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Igniting the Now

Ignite Drive isn’t just here to advance the marketing and sales streams of clients. We’ve realised there are greater paths we can focus our energies on which through our connections is actualised. 

Launching initiatives takes creativity, leadership and grit like nothing else.  Qualities that we embody which set us apart from competitors. 

Currently, there are two main focuses that we’ve set our experimental steps on.

  • Swim teaching & schools in 3rd world countries. Through travelling our founder Oliver realised that most if not all 3rd world countries don’t teach swimming. Considering the dependant aspects they have with the sea, rivers and water, what is typically quite low risk, becomes a severe danger. There we wish to use the additional recourses we acquire through clients and channel them into improving the world we walk upon.
  • Redeveloping education. It’s a known topic that the current education we have in place is evolving at a incredible slow place. The systems and practices put in place mean there is no room for innovation. Stuck in the past, we aim to find a way to shift schools into the future with new practices. Only by acting on what’s around us now can we achieve so.

Empowering Individuals

Through Ignite Drives Innovations, we support our team to think beyound what their normal day to day roles our. At any moment, we could have numerous inspirations which go through each of the steps below to see if it can ignite.


Everything is possible. If we take a step back and view the world, then we can find a problem and see if a solution is within our capabilities. 

Priliminary validation

Will the idea work? Conducting research and competitor analysis to see if the idea would fit into the market. Strategically prove that the solution is bulletproof.

Foundational Product

Build the first concept model and test it within the market. See if it can be scalable and review feedback from customers.

What our clients say about us

Meet Us

Created by Oliver Allen in 2020, Ignite Drive was developed out of a desire to push the boundaries of what marketing & sales can offer together. To ignite individuals and companies on a path where they can solely focus on what gives them purpose. 

The past and future are all but imaginations of our mind. What matters, is now. I’ll embark on this journey with my clients to ensure the limits we put on ourselves… are lifted.

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