A small clothing boutique was struggling to compete with larger retailers and online brands. Limited marketing budget and resources for creating compelling ad campaigns.

Ignite Drive implemented Airo, an AI tool that generates marketing materials like social media posts and targeted ads.


  • Increased engagement: AI-generated ads led to a 20% rise in social media engagement and website traffic.
  • Improved targeting: Airo allowed for better targeting of local demographics, leading to a 15% conversion rate increase from targeted ads.
  • Cost-effective solution: Airo’s affordable subscription offered a cost-effective way to create high-quality marketing materials compared to hiring an agency.

Following the work, our client successfully reinvented their marketing strategy and output allowing them to implement crucial changes company-wide and maintain effective work internally. 

Summary of work

  • AI tool Airo to create targeted ads and social media content.
  • Increasing engagement (20%) and conversion rates (15%).
  • AI empowers small businesses with cost-effective marketing solutions.
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