We worked closely with a dedicated career development coach, who found herself struggling to create high-quality content consistently due to her demanding schedule. Faced with the challenge of maintaining a strong online presence while juggling client commitments, Ignite Drive explored the potential of AI writing tools.

By utilising a human-centric approach we explored how these could become her secret weapon, generating topic ideas, blog post outlines, and even drafts that she could refine.

This freed up valuable time for her to focus on coaching sessions and client interactions, allowing her to maintain a consistent content stream and attract new clients interested in her career development coaching programs. Within three months, Sarah witnessed a significant 20% increase in website traffic, translating into a growing pool of potential clients.

Summary of work

  • Challenge: A career development coach struggled to consistently create high-quality content due to her busy schedule.
  • Solution: We explored AI writing tools as a “secret weapon” to generate content ideas, outlines, and drafts for her to refine, freeing her time for coaching and client interaction.
  • Results: Increased website traffic by 20% within three months, attracting new clients interested in her coaching programs.
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