Our local bakery chain client was finding it hard to connect with local customers and build brand awareness in new neighbourhoods.

We implemented Meta’s “Neighborhoods” tool to create a Facebook group for each location, fostering a sense of community and offering targeted promotions and updates.

This lead to Increased local engagement: Group memberships and interactions grew by 30%, indicating stronger local connections. Together we looked at the branding to make it easy for the customer to recognise and thus local customers became more familiar with the bakery’s offerings and promotions, leading to a 10% increase in foot traffic at new locations. With the team we worked on personalised communication direct towards the community building stronger customer relationships, leading to a 5% rise in repeat customers.

Meta’s “Neighborhoods” tool presents a valuable opportunity for local businesses to connect with their target audience, build brand awareness, and foster customer loyalty.

Summary of work

  • Local and targetted ads work best with a sense of community 
  • Brand awareness is key to driving up sales
  • Team development – communication with customers 
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