A business strategy coach, envisioned reaching beyond individual coaching sessions and offering a more scalable service. To achieve this, he embarked on a journey with Ignite Drive.

With the potential support of Ignite Drive, we developed a comprehensive online course encompassing his core business strategy principles. This structured format made his expertise accessible to a wider audience, allowing him to serve a larger community and broaden his reach.

Furthermore, to foster collaboration and peer-to-peer learning, we created a private online community for his course participants. This fostered a sense of belonging, facilitated ongoing support, and encouraged knowledge exchange amongst his students.

The launch of this online course proved highly successful. It attracted a significantly larger audience compared to individual coaching sessions, generating recurring revenue and fueling his business growth. Additionally, the thriving online community not only increased the perceived value of his coaching services but also fostered long-term engagement with his clients. This solidified his position as a trusted guide and expert in the business strategy landscape.

Summary of work

  • Challenge: A business strategy coach wanted to reach more clients beyond individual sessions.
  • Solution: Developed an online course with Ignite Drive, creating a structured format for wider reach and built a private online community for collaboration and ongoing support.
  • Results: Increased audience, recurring revenue, and solidified expertise through successful online course and community.
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