Ignite Drive worked with a passionate financial wellness coach, who felt his online presence lacked engagement and connection with his target audience.

We recognized the need for a more interactive approach, thus opening doors for him to embrace the power of live video. He began hosting regular live sessions on LinkedIn and YouTube, tackling relevant topics that resonated with his ideal clients. Additionally, we developed a community-building strategy for him to actively participate in relevant online activities, engaging in discussions and offering valuable insights to established communities.

This proactive strategy proved fruitful, as together we saw his social media following soar by 30%. The increased interaction and positive audience response ultimately translated into new inquiries and a waitlist for his coaching program, demonstrating the effectiveness of live video in fostering connection and driving client acquisition.

Summary of work

  • Challenge: A financial wellness coach struggled to connect with his target audience and lacked engagement on his online platforms.
  • Solution: We implemented a live video and community-building strategy. He hosted live sessions on relevant platforms and actively participated in online communities, fostering engagement and offering valuable insights.
  • Results: 30% increase in social media following, leading to new inquiries and a waitlist for his coaching program.
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