This time Ignite Drive worked with a health and wellness coach, who was frustrated with her online advertising efforts. Despite her initial attempts, she felt her ads weren’t reaching the right audience, resulting in low conversion rates and limited client acquisition.

Determined to improve her targeting strategy, We took a tailored approach and provided in-depth research and analysis into what would work within the world of data-driven advertising. We explored online advertising platforms that offered detailed audience targeting options, allowing us to analyze data regarding her ideal client demographics, interests, and online behavior.

From this in combination with the coach we crafted targeted ad campaigns that resonated deeply with her ideal clients. The impact was undeniable, as she witnessed a significant improvement in click-through and conversion rates, attracting a more qualified pool of leads and propelling her coaching business towards sustainable growth.

Summary of work

  • Challenge: Coach’s ineffective ads led to low conversions and limited client growth.
  • Solution: Used data-driven approach to target ideal clients with relevant ads.
  • Outcome: Improved click-through and conversion rates, attracting qualified leads and boosting business growth.
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