A subsidiary of a B2B logistics company, seeking to disrupt the industry, wanted to transform its reactive marketing function into the engine for future growth. Their vision: a digitized customer onboarding journey and 50% of new business driven by marketing, not sales.

We partnered with them to:

  1. Craft a compelling strategy: We collaborated with the leadership team to refine their vision and build a strong case for change. This involved aligning marketing with business objectives, designing a future-oriented marketing operating model, identifying essential capabilities like performance marketing and automation, and creating a roadmap for implementation.
  2. Secure C-suite buy-in: We presented the comprehensive business case, including the investment justification and roadmap, to secure the C-suite’s approval and pave the way for the transformation.

This partnership empowered the subsidiary to move forward with a bold marketing strategy, aiming to revolutionize customer acquisition and fuel future growth.

Summary of work

  • Challenge: B2B logistics subsidiary seeks to transform marketing from reactive to growth engine, with digital onboarding and 50% of new business driven by marketing.
  • Solution: We partnered to craft a strategy, design a future marketing model, identify key capabilities, and build a roadmap.
  • Outcome: A compelling business case secured C-suite buy-in, paving the way for a transformative marketing strategy.
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