Our client found themselves in the midst of a complex merger, tasked with integrating two companies while simultaneously building a new marketing operating model. This model needed to be both innovative and flexible, catering to the diverse demands of global customers.

We partnered with the client to craft a clear vision and mission for the new operating model, establishing its purpose and direction. We also implemented clear governance structures and ownership to ensure successful implementation. Together, we worked to identify the key value drivers for the model, prioritizing decision-making power within individual markets to enhance customer-centricity. However, to ensure consistency and innovation across all regions, we also established a central hub dedicated to delivering an innovative customer experience.

Through facilitated workshops, we refined these value drivers and mapped out the specific capabilities required from each area of the business. We then developed a comprehensive implementation plan to guide the model’s rollout and provided ongoing support to manage potential resistance and encourage its adoption across the organization.

This new operating model was successfully launched throughout the company, even with the ongoing integration process. Regional nuances were addressed through adaptable “agile sprint rollouts” ensuring a smooth transition. To monitor the effectiveness of the model across the organization, we established key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing for ongoing evaluation and adjustments as needed.

By collaborating closely with our client, we helped them navigate the complexities of their merger while simultaneously creating and launching a new marketing operating model. This model not only fosters innovation and flexibility but also ensures that they are well-positioned to address the diverse needs of their global customer base.

Summary of work

  • Dual Challenge: Merged companies needed a new, innovative, and globally-flexible marketing model.
  • Collaborative Solution: We partnered to define vision, governance, empower markets, and foster central innovation.
  • Successful Outcome: Launched model company-wide, addressed regional variations, and tracked performance for a future-proof approach.
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