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Content Marketing: Here to Stay – Why It Still Matters in 2024

In today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, some tactics may come and go. But one strategy remains a constant powerhouse: content marketing. Recent surveys conducted by reputable sources like HubSpot indicate that most marketers plan to maintain or even increase their investment in content marketing throughout 2024. Why? Because content marketing continues to deliver undeniable value for businesses of all sizes.

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Google Update Alert: Prioritize User Experience for Higher Ranking

Marketers, it’s time for a content audit! Google rolled out a core update in early March 2024, and it emphasizes the importance of prioritizing user experience (UX) within your marketing strategy. This update specifically targets unhelpful, low-quality content and aims to elevate content that is informative, engaging, and genuinely valuable to readers.

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Client Builds a Booming Coaching Community with Circle

A life coach built a thriving online community using Circle to foster connection and ongoing support for clients beyond individual sessions.
The “Empowered Path” community offered features like discussions, peer-to-peer support, exclusive content, and interactive features to enhance engagement and learning.
The community resulted in increased client engagement, enhanced learning and growth, and stronger relationships between the coach and clients.

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